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This type of app is more dangerous in my opinion and threat to user privacy. When I tried to change my keyboard to Swiftkey, my iPad told me the app would broadcast my key strikes, including passwords, etc. ES File Explorer is too hard to put down, as I've been making use of almost every feature it has provided so far for my home network. The ads were getting annoying, though. A paid PRO version they provide remedies that. I got the apk for ES File Explorer 4. Facebook and amazon apps they both spend too much time tracking you and running in the background no matter how many times you force stop or disable them.

They simply restart themselves. Amazon music does none of that stuff. I have had it for 10 years with no issues. I also have 3 people on the account.

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I really don't find anything bad about these apps, however UC browser and the other you are doesn't seem like that kind of feature yes if it's a chinese company then obviously they are going to use all the information for their other apps or services O Package name com. Continually restarts after disabling AND force stopping. Tried resetting to factory settings twice. Any advice? Not any good advice except, no offence factory reset your phone 2 times in a row. Make sure to backup data you want to keep.

It's beyond me how some of those apps are allowed on the market, e. Google should really be more strict about it. I think Opera is the best browser for Android and a real alternative to apps you mention as bad. I'm a little sad that you ommited it.

It's certainly better than Chrome. Is there a reason for not mentioning it?

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Brave, Firefox Focus, and Via are all good choices too. I have loved Opera for years but sometimes I leave them when a new release is wonky. I've been away for more than a year but it's time to go back and check them out again. I stayed away longer this time because I had read rumors that the worm Zuckerberg was trying to buy Opera.

So glad it hasn't happened - yet anyway. Facebook and Messenger are two insanely popular apps that kill your device's battery, RAM, and storage. I recommend Disa and Facebook. I have done this with TuneInn also, they always come up with some bs excuse claims for the updates, but they never say it's for the new adds.

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The other app I use has no adds at all, is Pandora, these are my apps that will never get updated. Hey Lino. My name is also Lino. Always interesting when I run across our unique name. I was named after my father who was born on September 23rd. The day of San Lino. I know 2 other Linos also associated with that date. Anyways take care Lino! What world are you living in that Pandora has no ads. They have ads like every 4 songs.

2. ES File Explorer

I would love to join your world of ad free Pandora because I am not buying Pandora premium. Very good article. Tks for this. The solution for me was to use old versions oft fhese apps. So, I download and install old versions and never uptade it.

Obviously that this is not a good idea because, use old versions of any app it's not safe at all too. And here is where your article helps me, because you showed me pretty good alternatives and I'll give a try on those apps. Thanks MUO! I hope this will somehow convince my friends to stop using those AVs, "cleaner" and battery savers. I don't know why you include ES explorer in this list. I have been using it for years and have never had any problem with ads or bloatware. I don't know of any other file explorer that handles network drives do easily. There is no need for sarcasm. The latest version has less advertising than most apps.

I will keep using ES explorer, as I said before "I don't know of any other file explorer that handles network drives do easily" - Tell me one that does. Get your own house in order. I don't use the play store just for that reason of ads. The X-plore handles networks great. Check it out. It is so much better than "ES explorer" in my opinion.

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Thanks For the advice, Dan Price. Now I have a list of legit apps I can use on my new smartphone. You've listed 'Clean Master' from Cheetah Mobiles as an undesirable app to have on your phone, yet when you click on one of the links in the 'What you should use instead' part under 'CLEAN it' the first recommended app, in the article that opens up, is Clean Master! So, are you guys reliable, or are you putting out 'paid bee's?! My thought exactly. This was awkward. I guess the times of the two articles count too, because the one recommending Clean Master is from January and this one form June Still, it's unclear to me why they reference that article since it's a contradiction to this one.

They mix some facts along with limited research at times to churn out content that often is lightweight filler. Many of these apps would be been recommended previously and still since they don't revisit articles so if you hit an older article from a search you might not realise they not recommend against it. If it was my the first thing I would do upon changing my recommendations is do a search on your site and add an update line point to the latest article.

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Some articles it is even hard to find publish date rapidly. Fair enough, devs should be rewarded for usually years of hard work on an app. We decide to keep or kick based on current info. I'm rooted and use XPrivacy to handle the granular permissions of every app immediately on install to minimize leaks, including Google.

It subs false data to the app so it usually doesn't break it like denying perms completely yes old device and OS, Loss of credibility? Result is you may be getting local weather from "Christmas Island" sometimes, but these can be tweaked. Does the flashlight app need camera permission, maybe for the flash, your account, contact, All network info and superuser access, NO.

So I simply figure the appropriate tool and use it. I meant to just agree about keeping articles updated. But there are ways you can keep your favorite app.

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Why do you say not to use Clean Master in this article, yet 4 on this list, CLEAN it has a link to clean-up aps you have tested, and in that article you can't say enough good things about Clean Master? What's the deal? He's not the one who praised Clean Master in that linked article. He linked to another author's article without reading through it is my guess.