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One more need that is to spy WhatsApp messages of the other users has also increased. Peoples have forgotten the socialization in the real society and moved towards the online platform where they remain active most of the time. Somewhere, people have started living in the world of mobile phones and internet that hampers their bonding and relationship with their family and others.

The services that these applications provide influence the minds and lives of people in many ways. The ability to do many things with them has become the center of attraction, and thus users of such applications are curious to use them. Pools of apps are there for the communication purpose, and this has changed the basic mode of communication with our friends and others. One can find their friends of school and colleges with the help of such apps and thus stay in touch with them every time. Even small kids of 12 years know how to use WhatsApp and other such apps.

Messaging apps are useful, but they have negative aspects as well. Everyone should be aware of such aspect that includes: Cyber bullying, stealing of personal details like images, contacts, and others. However, monitoring of such apps is easy now.

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Monitoring can help the users in ways like they can prevent their kids from any such harmful activities that were mentioned above. Everything has two faces, just like this WhatsApp can be used for the good or bad purpose. Hence, spying becomes essential in the case user is performing any malicious activity via this app.

Controlling your kids Whatsapp is now secure with spy apps like FoneTracker. FoneTracker is software for monitoring purpose of a mobile phone user. The software is capable of monitoring every application that user has installed on the mobile phone. Monitoring a mobile means the offering the complete list of activities that the user is performing on the smartphone.

It comes with different features that we will discuss in brief later on. The FoneTracker app can do the job of spying efficiently just like a normal spy agent would do but in the smart ways. It has ample of features and functions that make it far better than any other spy app. In the world of spying app, the FoneTracker software is at the top. The developers have designed and encoded programs that work smoothly and quickly to give the accurate results.

Everyone knows that the application has to be downloaded on the mobile. You cannot use the app without downloading it on the device. There is the store that provides applications of different types for different purposes.


Here store is not like a physical store; we are talking about an online store. Every device has a mobile store. If you are an Apple iPhone user, then you can access the app store. The user of android phones can access the google play store. Depending on the platform the user use, a play store is available. So, the first thing is to know your device platform.

Then go to the online store and search for the FoneTracker application. The device must allow the installation of the non-market apps. If the device does not permit to install such apps on mobile, then change the settings. Go to settings, go to security and then check whether the device is set for the installation from unknown sources or not.

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If not then change the settings. Open the notification window to complete installation when the app has downloaded on the device. Step 3- register A registration window will open up, click on register to start registering on the control panel of the FoneTracker. Already users are not supposed to make a second account. They can log in to the panel using their ID and password.

Step 4- install The device will be asked to permit to access the other apps on the mobile. Once you give permissions, the FoneTracker will start installing on its own. The installation process is complete, and now you can spy WhatsApp anytime. The target device may be rooted, in that case, accepts the superuser to permit to spy Whatsapp messages. FoneTracker app needs to be hidden so that nobody can see it and you can use it freely.

To hide tap on hiding icon button from the configuration. To completely erase all the traces of download, clear the browser history and file from the download folder. Lots of data will go wasted, and hence features are something that you must be aware of before installing any app on your device. Moreover, without knowing the features, how can you say that the application serves all your need?

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  • FoneTracker is a user-friendly app for monitoring your employees, kids and preventing from the consequences. The software runs perfectly on every device to track the call logs, call history, emails, calendar, GPS location and much more. Almost every mobile calendar allows you to set the event time and date and on that day it reminds you of that particular event.

    If the person is going for an important function or event or has planned something significant and has set the calendar, then you can see all those details.

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    View multimedia files — multimedia files like images, videos and others may be vital for you so that FoneTracker will track them for you. View their latest photos and videos taken from their cell phone. On your account, at FoneTracker login panel you can watch them at your convenience.

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    Remote control — mobile theft is common nowadays, and the stealer can use the data of your phone in wrong ways. Nobody is aware of such conditions, and the kids are more prone to this situation. Therefore, with the use of the FoneTracker, you can erase the data from the remote location and ensure that the content of the device does not go into the wrong hands. Erase the data or lock the app from the phone of a victim that is inappropriate. Monitor internet — mostly people use mobile for surfing web. Maybe your employees or children are using the internet for searching some inappropriate content that can harm them and you as well, in this condition monitoring browser is a must.

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